Root Canals

If you are suffering from tooth decay or infection a root canal may be a solution to your problems. Decay or trauma can cause painful nerve damage through the root of the tooth known as the pulp.

A root canal procedure can reverse the decay process by anesthetizing the tooth and surgically cleaning the nerve tissue eliminating current and future problems. Once the nerve has been cleaned out, the tooth is filled to protect it from further damage. We have access to excellent root canal specialists (Endodontists) in our area who can provide this service.  Using the latest dental technology and state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Michael Bass will then make sure the tooth looks and feels normal again with either a filling or a crown depending on the tooth’s location and strength.

Many people ask what the alternative to root canal therapy is. Unfortunately, once the root has been irreparably damaged the only other solution besides a root canal is an extraction. Leaving a damaged tooth untreated can lead to more complicated and painful problems which is why we recommend root canal therapy.

If you are experiencing extreme sensitivity or painful sensations in one or more of your teeth, Dr. Michael Bass recommends you schedule to begin treatment before the problem becomes more serious.